Myth #1: Eva’s friends gave a benefit concert at the Bayou to help with her medical bills because she didn’t have health insurance.

False! EVA DID HAVE HEALTH INSURANCE! When she left her job at Behnkes Nursery she joined the musicians union (D.C. Federation of Musicians, Local 161-710), and signed up for group medical insurance through the union. The money raised at the Bayou concert was intended to help with any additional expenses, not the bulk of the medical treatment Eva received.

Myth #2: Although Eva’s music was not heard worldwide until after her death, she was a local celebrity in the Washington DC area.

False! Even in the Washington DC area, Eva was *not* well-known to the public before the flurry of publicity connected with her illness and death. On many occasions I would go to hear her perform and see mostly-empty tables. Guitarist Keith Grimes once observes, “We were beyond obscure.”

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