Updated February 2, 2012

Eva and a birthday cakeFEBRUARY 2 IS EVA'S BIRTHDAY: She would have been 49 on this birthday. Please remember Eva and her music on this special day. If you don't yet have the newest album SIMPLY EVA, this would be a good day to buy an "Eva's Birthday Present" for yourself or other fans you know! You should also consider visiting the evacassidy.com web site to see the wonderful artwork prints you could treat yourself with, and maybe even a bumper sticker.

And how about requesting Eva's music from your local radio stations?

Finally, as I do every year, I want to encourage you to support live local music in your community. If Eva were still with us, wouldn't you want to support her and encourage her and cheer for her and celebrate her birthday by attending one of her live performances? I urge you to honor Eva's memory by reaching out to the talented, dedicated, hard-working musicians in your own part of the world. "You won't see Eva Cassidy -- there will never be another Eva Cassidy," someone wrote in the Guestbook a few years ago, "but there will be somebody else." I once asked Eva who the best local singers were, and she found it impossible to answer. "There are so many who are really great," she replied. That is true of the Washington DC area, and it is surely true of your own area too. SUPPORT LIVE LOCAL MUSIC!

US flagCHENOWETH CALLS EVA "AN ANGEL": Broadway and television star Kristin Chenoweth has been an Eva fan for years. In this article, the singer tells the magazineEntertainment Weekly "What's On My iPod." "There was an angel on earth and her name was Eva Cassidy.... Her album Songbird has just about every great song ever written. And her voice! 'I Know You By Heart' is a particular fave." She also mentions Placido Domingo, Adele, and Blossom Dearie.

Canadian flagANOTHER BROADWAY STAR LOVES EVA: Or star-to-be. Canadian singer/actress Caissie Levy will be starring in "Ghost: The Musical" on Broadway in the spring, according to this article, in which she lists her favorite singers. Yes -- one is Eva Cassidy, about whom she comments, "Favourite singer ever. Incredible range, knew when to wail and when to be subtle, genius musicianship, total visionary lost too soon."

UK flagEVA CASSIDY PLAY TOURING AGAIN: Actress/singer Sarah Jane Buckley plays the title role in Over The Rainbow: The Eva Cassidy Story. For the schedule of tour performances, visit the web site for Theatre Productions, Limited. This will be the seventh tour of the production. Here's an interview with Maureen Nolan, who plays Barbara Cassidy in the current cast.

Roger HendersonROGER HENDERSON: I am sad to have to tell you that Eva's friend Roger Henderson died on July 29th, 2011, at the Halquist Memorial Hospice in Arlington, Virginia. Roger wrote the song "Penny To My Name" heard on the albums TIME AFTER TIME and the anthology WONDERFUL WORLD. He was a gifted performer and songwriter, and a warm and wonderful person. Roger wrote an article for this website a few years ago about "Penny To My Name." You can tell from the article what a great guy Roger was. Please keep Roger's wife Diane and their daughter Galen in your thoughts and prayers. Roger Henderson's web site has more information about Roger, his memorial service, and a fundraising effort to assist his family with the funeral expenses. It would be very nice if some of Eva's fans would consider making a contribution.

Gems CD imageDUET ALBUM RELEASED TODAY: See below for more details. Here's a nice quote from Bolton in this interview on MSN Music: "We've described [the 'Fields of Gold' duet] as reverential treatment to this record. I found basically all I was trying to do was serve her vocal performance the entire song. Normally, my job is to serve the composition and what the composer's intention is. Here, it's Sting's amazing composition, but now I'm tiptoeing around this vocal performance that is pure and so beautiful. Part of what the emotional experience was also -- you can't tell the person who you're admiring how much you love their vocal and you can't ask them which part they want to sing. There's no collaboration there other than your own sense of what your responsibility is. I got choked up on a couple of lines. We basically kept the first take because emotionally there was too much going on and it's not the way I would approach making a record except under these extraordinary circumstances." You can download the album or individual tracks from Amazon, iTunes, etc.

Gems CD imageDUET WITH MICHAEL BOLTON: Grammy-winner Michael Bolton has announced a forthcoming album featuring duets with a wide range of artists, including Eva Cassidy. According to this press release, the new album is titled GEMS and will be released on June 21. Bolton's duet with Eva, "Fields of Gold," was produced by David Foster. It's quite lovely.

**UPDATE: Here are some links to further information (thanks to Sylvia and Lee).

In an interview with Bolton the singer said, '“This is the first duet I’ve ever done where I can’t discuss what we’re doing with the artist. I can’t say ‘do you want the high notes?’ I was really tentative about not stepping on any of her notes. I got so choked up at one point that nothing came out. “We didn’t want to alter the slightest tone in her performance so I sang a little higher than usual. I hope Sting isn’t upset with some of the alternative melodies,” he jokes. “At no point is there any vocal belting, it’s just me singing to her. Musically, it’s easily one of the most powerful and important moments that I ever lived . . . I still remember where I was when I got the text that the family was happy with the amount of respect we showed her. It was like a part of me could breathe again.”'

In this video clip, you'll hear legendary producer David Foster commenting, "Eva Cassidy was introduced to me by Sting, who handed me her CD and said, 'If you want to hear the greatest version of my song ever, listen to "Fields of Gold" with this girl, it'll change your life.'" Plus you'll get to preview some of this lovely duet.

Dan and JamesGO SEE DAN, IF YOU CAN: Eva's brother Dan Cassidy has a few performances coming up in the United Kingdom. Eva would be the first to tell you, Dan's a wonderful artist and you should go hear him if you get the chance. His career and music speak for themselves, by the way. I doubt he appreciates being characterized merely as "Eva's brother," so if you meet Dan, be sure to tell him how much you enjoyed HIS music (which you certainly will) before you start talking about his older sister. Dan and colleague James Hickman will be performing spirited folk/roots music on Thursday, May 5th, at the Granary in Leominster; Friday, May 6th, at Stoulton Village Hall, Nr Worcester; Saturday, May 7th, at Sytchampton Village Hall, Nr Stourport on Severn; Sunday, May 8th, at Village Hall in Areley Kings; and many other venues later in May and June. For more information about the duo, visit their web site. Their album SEVERN STREET is very fine indeed. You need it. It is available through CD Baby, and by download on Amazon and eMusic.

UK flagNOTED IN THE PRESS: Britain's The Telegraph mentions Eva Cassidy in this article entitled "Posthumous albums – six of the best." Among the other artists mentioned are Johnny Cash and Janis Joplin.

US flagANOTHER EVA CASSIDY TRIBUTE CONCERT: The Midland Theatre in Newark, Ohio, features guest performers Shawna Corder, Andy Carlson, Tom Carroll, Doug Richeson and Louis Tsamous, on May 13th, 2011. I love how Eva's arrangements continue to inspire the new generation of singers.

EVA CASSIDY MENTIONED IN AUTOBIOGRAPHIES: Two singers who became well-known through television talent competitions have recently published autobiographies. Susan Boyle of Scotland writes in "The Woman I Was Born to Be" that her first singing competition was at the Whitburn Miners' club. "I sang the Eva Cassidy version of 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow.' When I finished, there was a moment of stunned silence, then everyone cheered -- even the other teams!" Across the Atlantic, young David Archuleta writes in "Chords of Strength" that he and his family first heard Eva's music when they were watching Michelle Kwan skate to "Fields of Gold" at the Salt Lake City Olympics. "I felt like I was listening to the most beautiful music I had ever heard... my dad and I were both completely blown away at the level of sensitivity, dynamics, tone and just overall beauty that came through the TV when we heard that amazing music. ...After that experience, of course we ran out and bought all the Eva Cassidy CDs we could find, and listened to her music." Archuleta also tells about how he decided to perform Eva's arrangement of "Imagine": "It was so beautiful and simple. Her phrasing and nuances were perfect. The note choices and melodic changes were inspired and intuitive... Of all the performers I have listened to, Eva Cassidy best represented the style and level of artistry that I would most aspire to." (Added March 28, 2011)

Songbird Album CoverNote from the Webmaster: What a week that was, ten years ago. Some of you have been reading this web site for longer than that -- do you remember the week SONGBIRD hit #1 on the UK charts? Leading up to it was the now-famous broadcast of the "Over the Rainbow" video on Top of the Pops 2, followed by a much-requested repeat on the regular Top of the Pops. After the U.K. milestone was reached, the United States finally started to take notice. The Today Show did a little feature on Eva, People Magazine and other periodicals finally reviewed SONGBIRD, and veteran newsman Dave Marash of ABC "Nightline" contacted me through the Guestbook to get the ball rolling on his program about Eva. Thank you to everyone who helped make it happen!

Here are a few excerpts from the "What's New" page that week, mid-March 2001:

Reactions from family and friends: Eva's dad, Hugh Cassidy, told me, "We're extremely pleased about it, that Eva is getting this recognition even after she's passed...." He said that Bill Straw from Blix Street Records phoned them with the good news and "the word got out quickly!" Hugh and Barbara Cassidy are hoping to have a break from media interviews for a while. "I'd rather let the music speak for itself," he said. (Then he gave me some excellent advice about fertilizing berry plants.)

From Raice McLeod, the fabulous drummer for the Eva Cassidy Band: 'Eva's band (Chris Biondo, Keith Grimes, Lenny Williams and myself) is delighted at the news of Songbird's success in the UK. We are particularly pleased for Hugh and Barbara Cassidy who are experiencing the overdue recognition that Eva's recorded work deserves. Like many other musicians, we always used to joke about "making it" one day, and how much Eva would have hated the hoopla and publicity that surrounds show-biz success. Well, now we're all experiencing very mixed feelings... pleasure at the good news, and sadness that we aren't able to start rehearsing with her tomorrow for the tour to back up the album's sales. We hope for new life in the US sales, and would very much like to see "Live at Blues Alley" and "The Other Side" start to get the acclaim they also deserve. We have never forgotten the boost to Eva's work that the great Chuck Brown provided when he collaborated with her on "The Other Side." To her legion of fans: thank you very much -- and tell more folks! --Raice McLeod'

Steve S. in the UK e-mailed me: "Radio 2 almost seems to be Eva's personal radio station at the moment. I had a quick listen on Friday and heard 'Rainbow' within several minutes of tuning-in. The same thing happened this morning on Steve Wright's Love Songs show."

March 22, 2001 The Today Show interviewed Chuck Brown yesterday at the studio of Chris Biondo and Lenny Williams. (For the new Eva fans reading this, a quick rundown of the cast of characters: Chuck is the Washington-area go-go legend who recorded THE OTHER SIDE with Eva Cassidy. Chris Biondo was Eva's producer, mentor and bassist; Lenny Williams was the keyboardist for the Eva Cassidy Band. Chris and Lenny now work together composing music for television documentaries.) I received a couple of photos from my on-the-spot reporter, Eileen White. Click here to see them.

March 23: There is an article about Eva in the Washington Post Style Section today (Friday), written by Richard Harrington. "A remarkable posthumous career trajectory began barely a month after Cassidy's death: She won 10 Washington Area Music Awards, including artist of the year and album of the year. That Wammie was for "Live at Blues Alley," the only solo album released while Cassidy was alive." Harrington is not a newcomer to the story of Eva Cassidy, incidentally. He wrote a moving tribute to Eva that was published in the Washington Post Sunday Arts section on November 17, 1996, shortly after Eva's death. He told me yesterday that it was one of the most difficult articles he ever had to write. Harrington also remarked that in his 30 years as a music critic, he has never seen anything like this. Webmaster's note: The 2001 article is no longer available on the Post web site, but I'm trying to find it elsewhere. It's headlined "Voice of an Angel - Years After Her Death, Singer Eva Cassidy Is a Hit in England."

March 19, 2001 From the New York Times website today. This story was issues through the Associated Press. '"It's a nice little vindication that cream rises to the top," her father, Hugh, said from the family home in Bowie, Md. "I think she had a way with lyrics, and a way with getting a song across that touched people and gave a lot of hope."'

Union Jack imageA WEEK TO CELEBRATE: It was ten years ago this week that the SONGBIRD album made #1 on the U.K. album charts, as this article on a U.K. music web site reminds us: "Seattle-based independent Blix Street Records celebrates the 10th Anniversary of Eva Cassidy's SONGBIRD CD reaching the #1 slot on the U.K. chart today (18) with the Gold certification of SIMPLY EVA, the newest collection from the late singer. SIMPLY EVA, which has scanned over 100,000 units in the U.K. since its release there on February 1st, rose to #4 on the U.K. chart and has been enjoying solid sales during the six weeks since its release, becoming the artist's fifth Top 5 posthumous U.K. release. SONGBIRD reached #1 there on March 18, 2001 and remained in that position for two weeks."

Flag of MarylandARTICLE IN ANNAPOLIS (MD) LOCAL PAPER:Feature writer Theresa Winslow of the Annapolis Capital interviewed Eva's parents and brother for this article dated March 20, 2011.

Image of a chart"SIMPLY EVA" IN THE CHARTS: Correction: SIMPLY EVA is #14 on the UK album charts this week. I must have misread a chart that automatically inserts today's date on the page. (Feb. 28, 2011)

PERFORMING SONGWRITER PROMOTION: The magazine Performing Songwriter is now an on-line magazine, and it's every bit as enjoyable as the print edition used to be. You can enter to win a copy of SIMPLY EVA via this link. (I know you already have a copy for yourself, but if you win, you can give this second copy to a friend!) That page also contains a link to an in-depth article about Eva's "Over the Rainbow," and a link to an article about the history of the song "Autumn Leaves," from the magazine's always-fascinating "Behind the Song" column.

Hong Kong album coverPhyllis C. sent this image of the SIMPLY EVA album she purchased in Hong Kong. She writes, 'The copy writing of the album you seen in the photo is written in Chinese. In English it simply means "Purity, beauty, Eva the female voice", whereas all those little Chinese words underneath are just describing how breath-taking this album is - sure it is, I have been listening to this for so many times now!'

Image of a chart"SIMPLY EVA" IN THE CHARTS: SIMPLY EVA is now officially a GOLD RECORD in the United Kingdom. It continues in the top ten on the UK Album Charts, at #9, which is surprisingly good in the week of the British music awards (similar to the Grammys in the US).

NewVideotape image"San Francisco Bay Blues" Video on YouTube: The recording of "San Francisco Bay Blues" on the SIMPLY EVA album was taken from a video made by Eva's friend Bryan McCulley at Pearl's Restaurant in Annapolis. He plugged the audio feed into Eva's sound equipment, which resulted in excellent audio quality. As I understand it, Bryan videoed at Pearls on two different nights. On the first of these nights, the video part of his equipment malfunctioned and only the audio track was recorded. This video, obviously, is from the second night, September 24, 1994. It has been digitally restored. The other Pearl's tracks on SIMPLY EVA were from the first night, September 10th (see above picture), so videos will not be available for them.

Image of a chart"SIMPLY EVA" IN THE CHARTS: In its second week on the UK album charts, SIMPLY EVA moved up from #6 to #4, "becoming the 5th posthumous Top 5 Eva album," according to the UK distributors. In the US this week it is the bestselling album at Borders (where you should keep your eye out for promotional posters) and #8 on the Billboard Folk Albums chart. At Amazon.co.uk, the album is presently at #8 on the overall music bestsellers list -- as we all know, Eva's music is much better known in the United Kingdom than in the United States. At Amazon.com, the album ranking varies but is presently around #120 overall, #7 in Folk, and #52 in (why?) Rock.

Radio imageKFSR RADIO TO FEATURE EVA: Karen Marguth, the host of "The Vocal Hour" on KFSR in Fresno, California, is putting together a program about Eva which will air on Friday, February 11th, at 3 PM Pacific Time. "I'm doing my best to create a beautiful, hour-long show worthy of Eva's voice," she tells me. I believe this program will include a phone interview with Eva's parents, Barbara and Hugh Cassidy. The show will also be streaming worldwide at kfsr.org, but of course we will all have to do our time zone arithmetic carefully. **NOTE: This program will be repeated Friday, February 18th, at the same time.

Radio imageKFSR RADIO TO FEATURE EVA: Karen Marguth, the host of "The Vocal Hour" on KFSR in Fresno, California, is putting together a program about Eva which will air on Friday, February 11th, at 3 PM Pacific Time. "I'm doing my best to create a beautiful, hour-long show worthy of Eva's voice," she tells me. I believe this program will include a phone interview with Eva's parents, Barbara and Hugh Cassidy. The show will also be streaming worldwide at kfsr.org, but of course we will all have to do our time zone arithmetic carefully.

Album cover "SIMPLY EVA" WEB SITE IS NOW UP AND RUNNING: The site features track information, sound clips, and will soon include reviews. Here's the link.

CD imageANOTHER ON-LINE REVIEW: It's often difficult to determine on-line whether an article actually appeared in the newspaper print edition or if it's a web-only columnist. I think this is one of the latter, from the Washington Times web site. Stephen Bradley writes, 'There couldn’t be a more suitable title for the album. All listener is given on this album is Eva Cassidy’s voice and her acoustic guitar. While that doesn’t sound like much, it’s more than enough. It’s hard to ignore the hyperbole surrounding the praise of Cassidy’s voice but at the same time it’s easy to see where that praise is coming from and just how stunning her voice is. At its core, this album presents Cassidy at her most raw and unencumbered. It wouldn’t be fair to say that a band would ever overshadow her singing (and inaccurate), but this album really does showcase just how talented she was.' Here's the link.

UK flagOK MAGAZINE REVIEW?: Scott of the Yahoo Group has posted a review there from OK Magazine, but I haven't been able to find it on their web site. If anyone is more skilled than I and can find me a direct link to the article, please let me know -- quickest way is to put it in the Guestbook. Here's a quote: "This album is like a fine cashmere blanket for the soul. Gathering together 12 of the late singer's best loved tracks, this album is unique as it is the first to feature Eva in a purely acoustic setting. There is nothing here but a gorgeous voice, a guitar, and some of the most hauntingly beautiful songs ever recorded. "

CD imageANOTHER REVIEW FROM THE INDEPENDENT: Nick Coleman from the Independent on Sunday writes, 'More exhumations,' which is rather annoying, but he seems to have liked it anyway. Here's the link.

CD imageALLMUSIC GUIDE REVIEWS SIMPLY EVA: Thom Jurek writes, "If you're a fan, you need this; if you've been wondering what all the fuss is about, the naked intimacy of Simply Eva is among the most convincing arguments yet for her posthumous reputation." Here's the link. Thanks to Doug in Pennsylvania for this one and the next.

CD imageMASSACHUSETTS REVIEW: Kevin O'Hare of The Republican gives SIMPLY EVA three stars out of four and states, "this simple, starkly beautiful presentation perfectly captures the essence of her sound." Here's the link.

CD imageSIMPLY EVA REVIEW FROM SCOTLAND: Critic Paul English of the Daily Record gives SIMPLY EVA four stars and says "Her voice remains as it ever was -- timeless."

CD imageANOTHER REVIEW: The Sand Mountain Reporter lists SIMPLY EVA as a "pick of the week" and comments, "Intimate acoustic ballads gently kissed by the alluring vocals of Eva Cassidy...."

CD imageSIMPLY EVA REVIEW: From the Independent in the United Kingdom, critic Andy Gill writes that the music "[leaves] one feeling like an intruder on private reverie." Here's the link.

CD imageANOTHER SIMPLY EVA REVIEW: There's a short review in the Philadelphia Daily News today, January 25th. Critic Jonathan Takiff writes, 'EVA CONSTRUCTION: If this year's "American Idol" crop wants a fast lesson in the art of making a song (subtly) your own, they ought to listen to "Simply Eva" (Blix Street, B+) from Eva Cassidy. You know, the Washington, D.C.-spawned balladeer who became an international sensation years after her death from melanoma (at age 33 in 1996), when first the BBC embraced her seemingly prescient, ultra-vulnerable renditions of tunes like "Over the Rainbow" and "Who Knows Where the Time Goes." Today's collection gathers stripped-down (just voice and guitar) versions of fan faves that feel both intimate and finished, tugging anew at the heart strings.' (The "American Idol" reference is quite interesting, but... "spawned"? Jeepers.) (Added January 25, 2011)

Radio imageRADIO INTERVIEWS WITH BARBARA AND HUGH CASSIDY: The SIMPLY EVA album will be previewed on WPFW-FM, a Washington DC non-profit radio station, on Sunday, January 30th between noon and 2 PM. Eva's parents will be interviewed by host Miyuki Williams. The station has Internet streaming, so you don't have to be in the listening area to catch it. Here's the link to the WPFW web site. (Added January 25, 2011)

BBC logoBBC REVIEW: Here's the review of SIMPLY EVA from the BBC website. Critic Colin Irwin writes, "Her wailing, slowed-down interpretation of San Francisco Bay Blues – the one track we haven’t heard her sing before – puts a new light not only on her but Jesse Fuller’s song itself. Her soulful arrangement of Over the Rainbow is a revelation, too – radically different to her other versions, it turns the old Judy Garland warhorse into a bluesy distress call.... on People Get Ready and Autumn Leaves, we get a measure of her true standard – and sadly unfulfilled potential – as a singer. The words of Sandy Denny’s Who Knows Where the Time Goes have scarcely sounded more poignant given the tragedy awaiting her, while the unaccompanied I Know You By Heart, which ends the album, carries enduring emotional impact."

BBC logoALBUM OF THE WEEK: In advance of its January 25 release date, SIMPLY EVA is the BBC Radio 2 album of the week. Unfortunately, Agent Steve's report has been confirmed, the Ken Bruce show played the WRONG version of "Over the Rainbow" earlier today. The studio recording from THE OTHER SIDE and SONGBIRD is very beautiful, but it is not the rendition heard on the SIMPLY EVA album. Oops!

CD imageSIMPLY EVA REVIEW: Reviewer "Fitz" on the Blogcritics.org web site has posted a review of SIMPLY EVA that is reproduced on the Seattle Post-Intelligencer web site. You can read it here. Amusingly, Fitz refers to the first time he heard Eva's music as his "gateway drug." He loves the new album's "stripped down versions that really showcase her guitar skills as well as her amazing voice." Nice review. Thanks, Fitz!

United States flag image"OVER THE RAINBOW" ON ABC TV: Sandy in Cincinnati writes, '20/20 did a special on the "Congresswomen and the Astronaut" last evening. During the airing, film clips were shown from the funeral of 9 year old Christina Tayor Green. Eva's version of "Over The Rainbow" was clearly heard playing in the background. The song was also mentioned by Astronaut, Mark Kelly (Gabby Gifford's spouse). He said it was quite moving to hear "Over The Rainbow" playing, as he entered the church, to attend the young girl's service. Regrettably, there was no mention of the singer.' (Added January 19, 2011)

CD imageEVA'S NAME SHOWS UP A LOT: Doug in Pennsylvania writes, "I would almost be willing to wager that at least a quarter of the solo female artists that have product available on CD Baby have Eva Cassidy as an influence and/or as a point of 'comparison' (term needs to be used loosely)." It's amazing, isn't it, that Eva's music has been so influential for the next generation of singers? (Added January 19, 2011)

Canadian flag imageDOUG MacLEOD ON EVA: The web site "Early Blues" interviewed singer-songwriter Doug McLeod, who wrote "Nightbird." In the interview he was asked about other artists performing his music. Here's his reply: 'I have a couple of favourites. One was Eva Cassidy’s version of Nightbird. That song is about a prostitute, a prostitute that I used to live with who really watched out for me. I have no idea if Eva Cassidy knew what that song was about and I never heard it until my wife played it for me during a drive to Los Angeles from San Luis Opisbo. I’m a huge baseball fan and my team, the Cardinals from St Louis, were playing the Dodgers and I wanted to listen to the game. My wife said “I got something for you to hear”, and I said, “But the Cardinals are on” and she said “This is more important than the Cardinals” and she put this CD on of Eva Cassidy. I tell you, it moved me so much, I pulled over to the side of the road and I was weeping. I have never done that song again. When people ask me to do Nightbird, I tell them that if they want to hear THE version, she is the one to listen to. And then of course she died before I got a chance to meet her to ask her how she interpreted it like that.' Many thanks to Doug in PA for this link. (Added January 19, 2011)

CD imageWHILE YOU'RE WAITING FOR "SIMPLY EVA": Amikaeyla and Trelawny Rose, two singers inspired by Eva's music, recently released a CD entitled TO EVA, WITH LOVE. As the duo write in their blog, 'The full title of the CD is "To Eva, With Love: A Celebration of Eva Cassidy" because that is the intention behind this album. No one, NO ONE can sing like Eva Cassidy, so we didn't even try. We did not intend to mimic or copy Eva Cassidy, instead we wanted to celebrate her life and the inspiration and joy she left us. With this intention, we started with her arrangements and then we followed our hearts and expressed freely! The biggest gift that Eva gave us was the idea that you can sing any kind of music as long as it is beautiful. She didn't get stuck in a box of just one genre of music. So we followed her down that path. We made an album that combined folk, jazz, rock and pop. We brought together amazing musicians of all genres. We thought the best way to honor Eva Cassidy was to follow her example, to sing her arrangements in our own way. That is the concept behind "To Eva With Love". ' It's available on Amazon, with sound clips (please use the coded links in the navigation box) and elsewhere on-line. I like the way they used some of the flavors of Eva's arrangements but made them their own.

Amazon LogoAMAZON ASSOCIATES: This website is pleased to participate in the "Amazon Associates" program as a fundraiser for cancer research. The year-to-date totals are shown in the "navigation box" on this page. Since the fundraiser began, we raised over $14,000 from Amazon.com, $500 from Amazon.ca, and £3,400 from Amazon.co.uk. This money has been sent directly to the melanoma research fund at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. When you're doing your on-line shopping, if you want to order ANYTHING from Amazon.co.uk (United Kingdom) or Amazon.com (United States), and Amazon.ca (Canada), come to this website first and follow the link to Amazon from here!  It doesn't cost you any more money, and a percentage of your total order amount is automatically donated to this charity. These little bits of money mount up, and it's such an easy way to support a worthy cause with a special connection to Eva Cassidy. THANK YOU SO MUCH for your participation!

Album cover "SIMPLY EVA" IS COMING JANUARY 25, 2011: Blix Street Records has announced the release of a new all-acoustic album entitled SIMPLY EVA. The twelve tracks showcase Eva and her guitar in unreleased performances of music that was part of her standard repertoire. The cover photo was taken by Eva's friend Larry Melton, who was also the photographer for the LIVE AT BLUES ALLEY cover. Here's .

I just received an advance copy (thank you, Bill and Lois) so I can now fill in more details about the songs. When the song title is a link, it will connect to an article about that song:

  1. Songbird (taped in Chris Biondo's Glenn Dale studio)
  2. Wayfaring Stranger (taped in Chris Biondo's Glenn Dale studio)
  3. People Get Ready (taped in Chris Biondo's Glenn Dale studio)
  4. True Colors (taped in Chris Biondo's Glenn Dale studio)
  5. Who Knows Where The Time Goes (taped at Pearl's in Annapolis)
  6. Over The Rainbow (recorded live at Blues Alley)
  7. Kathy’s Song (taped at Pearl's in Annapolis - with more verses than the other release)
  8. San Francisco Bay Blues (taped at Pearl's in Annapolis - Eva performed this song for years, both solo and with the band. It was on the set list for the first Eva Cassidy Band gig at Fatty's in 1991)
  9. Wade In The Water (taped at Pearl's in Annapolis)
  10. Time After Time (recorded live at Blues Alley)
  11. Autumn Leaves (taped in Chris Biondo's Glenn Dale studio)
  12. I Know You By Heart (a cappella) (taped in Chris Biondo's Glenn Dale studio)

GRAMMY NOMINATION FOR CHUCK: I just learned that Chuck Brown has been nominated for a 2010 Grammy, in the category of "Best R&B Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocals." The song is "Love" from the album "We Got This" [Raw Venture Records & Tapes, Inc.], performed by Chuck Brown, Jill Scott & Marcus Miller. Surprisingly, this is Chuck's first Grammy nomination.

Silent Night "SILENT NIGHT": A mini-review from student reviewer Aaron Lee on the web site Platform-online.net: "Here’s a single where you know exactly what you’re getting. Eva Cassidy’s gentle voice suits this classic hymn well. Singing along to the sound of her acoustic guitar, Cassidy’s interpretation of ‘Silent Night’ brings back many a memory of school choirs and Nativity plays." I suppose one could interpret that assessment in a negative way, but that's not how it's intended. I like this review.

Tree ANNUAL HOLIDAY TREAT: A holiday tradition here at the Eva Cassidy Web Site is to post a link to a special page with information about Christmastime songs Eva recorded, among other things. For the first time in several years, it has been updated with the information about the downloadable "Silent Night"! Here's the link.

BEST COVER OF "IMAGINE": On the anniversary of John Lennon's murder, MTV listed its choice of the five best covers of his song "Imagine." Eva's is listed, with the comment, "Released six years after her death, it showcases Cassidy's jaw-dropping voice above all else, which is why it's such a great version of the song. Tender and heartbreakingly simple, it sadly remains — like most of her work — vastly overlooked."

New!Silent Night NEW NEW NEW! If you haven't yet discovered the joys of legal downloadable music tracks, this is your time. "Silent Night," with Eva accompanying herself on guitar, is now available for download from itunes, Amazon.com, and Amazon.co.uk, among others. During the holiday season Eva always added a few carols to her set list, and this one is beautiful. Linda K. wrote this charming review on the website Gather.com. 'Eva's version of "Silent Night" brings to mind many beautiful images, sounds, smells and events of Christmas....' Britain's Telegraph newspaper suggests the single is "vying to become the Christmas No. 1 this year"

GIVE YOURSELF A PRESENT, YOU DESERVE IT: If you haven't seen the ABC "Nightline" profile of Eva (or even if you have), take half an hour online to enjoy this. Thanks as always to Dave Marash and Madhulika Sikka for the great job.

GREAT EVA MENTION IN OPRAH MAGAZINE: John C. sent me an e-mail with interesting news: 'There is a very good tribute to Eva in the December Oprah magazine. The article by Lisa Kogan is about looking for everyday miracles. She writes: "I am folding laundry as the late great Eva Cassidy sings "Danny Boy" over my crummy JBL speakers. Her sound is crystalline and ethereal, seductive and soaring. I am amazed by the way three minutes and 41 seconds of music can leave a girl sobbing into a dish towel. Eva Cassidy's voice is about as miraculous as it gets."

New!Silent Night NEW NEW NEW! If you haven't yet discovered the joys of legal downloadable music tracks, this is your time. "Silent Night," with Eva accompanying herself on guitar, is now available for download from itunes, Amazon.com, and Amazon.co.uk. During the holiday season Eva always added a few carols to her set list, and this one is beautiful. Linda K. wrote this charming review on the website Gather.com. 'Eva's version of "Silent Night" brings to mind many beautiful images, sounds, smells and events of Christmas....' Britain's Telegraph newspaper suggests the single is "vying to become the Christmas No. 1 this year"

HOLIDAY SHOPPING SUGGESTION: For the Eva Cassidy fan in your life (which may be yourself), consider purchasing some beautiful art prints that show "the other side" of Eva's creative talents, from the Eva Cassidy Artwork web site run by Eva's sisters. You'll also find CDs, songbooks, notecards and other items including the wonderful "Another Eva Cassidy Fan" bumper sticker. Some of the cards are perfect for your holiday cards. Be sure to visit the "Gallery" section of the site to see some new images.

GRACE: People familiar with Eva's story know how she admired the music of Grace Griffith. SAILING is a new anthology of some of Grace's most beautiful recordings. If you haven't discovered this wonderful Maryland artist, what are you waiting for?

COOKBOOK RECOMMENDS EVA'S MUSIC: Cookbook author Georgia Manzo Joachim's A Taste of It All: Celebrating the Mood of Food suggests that the music to accompany your autumn repast should be "Live at Blues Alley" by Eva Cassidy or "Slippin' In" by Buddy Guy.

SPRINGER TO IMUS: In an interview on April 15, 2010, the infamous celebrity Jerry Springer was asked by interviewer Don Imus about his favorite songs. His reply: '"Tennessee Waltz" is my favorite song. Oh, I love that song. In fact, there was a great version of it -- she's since passed away -- that Eva Cassidy did. That was a great version of "Tennessee Waltz."'

UK flagCHART NEWS: According to Music Week, 'Former Emmerdale actress Hayley Tamaddon was winner of ITV's Dancing On Ice 2010 finale the weekend before last, and several of the songs featured in the last show enjoyed improved sales, most notably Jai Ho! (You Are My Destiny), the AR Rahmann collaboration with Pussycat Dolls, which jumps 110-60 (4,579 sales), while Eva Cassidy's Songbird re-enters the Top 200 at number 122 (1,957 sales). Both songs were danced to by Tamaddon and professional partner Daniel Whiston.'

SNIPPETS FROM "GOOGLE BOOKS": Through this search tool I found a number of surprising mentions of Eva:

United States flagLISTEN FOR EVA'S GUITAR ON "AMERICAN IDOL" 4/21/10: Lois Gerard from Blix Street Records tells me that part of Eva's arrangement of "Kathy's Song" will be heard on tonight's program. It will be during Part II of a segment narrated by Annie Lennox. I can't watch because it's "TV Turnoff Week," but I hope someone will let me know how it sounds! A number of people have mentioned to me that Idol contestant Crystal Bowersox has many Eva-like characteristics. What do you think? (Added April 21, 2010)

MOVIE RUMORS: OK, this has got to be a joke, right? An article in Britain's Express newspaper reports a rumor that actress Kate Winslet will play Eva Cassidy in a film. Winslet is a fantastic actress but I absolutely cannot see her as Eva. On the positive side, the article forcefully reminded us that if a movie is made about Eva, the singing must be Eva's. "Songbird’s voice has to be Eva’s. It is the point of the piece." Do any of you have a subscription to IMDB Pro? If so, please look up what it says about Amy Redford's Eva Cassidy project in development, and e-mail me, OK?

Nightline imageFREE IS EVEN BETTER THAN $14.95: "NIGHTLINE" VIDEO NOW LEGALLY STREAMED ONLINE: The ABC News web site now offers the 2001 "Nightline" profile of Eva Cassidy for free streaming. Here is the link. (They'll make you see a commercial first, no big surprise there.) Many thanks to Scott of the Yahoo Group for discovering this! For those of you unfamiliar with this program, "Nightline" was a late-night news program on broadcast TV in the United States, anchored by Ted Koppel. Veteran newsman Dave Marash, a longtime fan of Eva's music, contacted me via the Guestbook in March of 2001 about the possibility of doing a "Nightline" story about Eva. I put him in touch with Eva's parents, lawyer, Blix Street Records, etc., and work began right away. The resulting documentary, 18 minutes long, was written and narrated by Dave Marash and produced by Madhulika Sikka. Here's more background information about the program and some photos which I posted on this site a few years ago. The "Nightline" profile was a great success, so much so that it was broadcast several more times by popular request, and it sparked a huge surge in Eva's popularity in the United States. **UPDATE: I had sent the link to Dave Marash on Facebook, and he posted it for the world to see, calling it "My favorite Nightline."

WINTER GUARD UPDATE: More Winter Guards are performing to Eva's music. Recently added to my "Color Guard Page": At the 2010 WGI World Championships, the Miamisburg (Ohio) High School presented a program entitled "This Woman's World," using music from Eva's "What a Wonderful World." They placed fourth in the scholastic division. In 2006, East Stroudsburg High School in Pennsylvania (apparently also known as Eastburg) performed a program titled "I Miss You" that merged Eva's "Autumn Leaves" with a choral version of Samuel Barber's Adagio for Strings in an interesting way. The 2010 show for Synergy Winter Guard in Ohio is accompanied by Eva's "Over the Rainbow." In the Netherlands, the Alliance Winterguard Juniors performed to Eva's "Ain't No Sunshine" in 2007. That same year, Michigan State University's guard competed with a program titled "The Music of Eva Cassidy." Salem High School in Virginia won a bronze medal for "Wade in the Water" in 2009. Maryland's Mills Godwin High School guard performed to "Autumn Leaves" in 2008. Trumansburg High School in Connecticut performed to Eva's "Time is a Healer" in 2003. Scotland High School in North Carolina performed to "You Take My Breath Away," but I'm not sure of the year. The video on YouTube was posted in 2009.

Mysteriously Significant Carrot"EVA" SCREENPLAY NOW AVAILABLE TO READ: Over the course of the last several years, I have been working on a screenplay about Eva.** Nobody seems to want to make it into a movie, so I thought I would share it with Eva's fans who visit this web site, as another sort of holiday treat! I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. You can make your own movie in your imagination! Many, many people gave me invaluable assistance, and I'd like to mention Alan and Kimberly especially.

Let me know if you like it! Don't worry, when you read it you'll understand about the toy carrot shown here.

Here is the "Note to Readers" that appears on the title page:

A dramatized film about Eva Cassidy could be written in hundreds of different ways. I chose to write about the eight years that comprised Eva’s recording career, and about the making of the albums that have won Eva such a devoted following. The story and characters are based on my personal knowledge and extensive research, with every effort taken to be truthful. Notwithstanding, some characters and events may be composites and may have been fictionalized or invented.

In the unlikely event that a movie were ever to be made based on this script, a ruling premise would be that all the singing must be in Eva’s own voice.

This screenplay has been registered with the Writers Guild (East) and the U.S. Copyright Office. All rights are reserved.

I hope you enjoy reading this, and that you understand that you may NOT reproduce it or quote from it without my specific permission.

Here's the link.

**Judging from the e-mail I get, it's possible that the only person NOT writing a screenplay about Eva is my 14-year-old son. He's writing a musical comedy about Diogenes.

"NIGHTLINE" VIDEO AVAILABLE THROUGH AMAZON.COM: For only $14.95, you can now order a DVD of the ABC "Nightline" profile of Eva here. This was previously only offered for sale through the ABC News store. It is formatted for North America.

"THIS IS FOR MY MOTHER" AS MP3 DOWNLOAD: in the early 1990s Eva recorded backup vocals for a number of Washington area performers. The styles ranged from folk to country to jazz to rap to hip-hop. Eva enjoyed the musical challenge of singing in the different styles; she also gained valuable recording experience and was able to earn a little money. One of the rap songs, from JuJu House's album "Jiggas on the Roof," is now available as individual track download from Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com . I'm guessing that most Eva fans would not be interested in owning the entire album, but this song does not contain the elements that often give this style of music a "bad rap," and Eva's contribution is quite distinctive.

Haitian flagEVA'S "FIELDS OF GOLD" AND HAITIAN RELIEF EFFORT: The world is horrified at the devastation caused by the recent earthquake in Haiti. Governments, private individuals, churches, foundations and corporations are all working to raise funds to provide the assistance that Haitians so desperately need. Even Eva is now involved! With the permission of Barbara and Hugh Cassidy and Blix Street Records, Digicel, an international telecommunications company based in the Caribbean, will be using Eva's recording of "Fields of Gold" in its massive fundraising effort. Digicel hopes to raise millions of dollars from its customers in addition to the five million the corporation has already pledged. I'm guessing they know how the emotional resonance of Eva's voice can touch the heart.

U.S. flag"SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE" featured the Chuck & Eva recording of "Let the Good Times Roll" tonight, December 15th. Todd writes in the Guestbook that a couple on the show did a dance routine to that music. I'd known this was supposed to happen but didn't know it would be this soon! I'm sure Fox will be putting the show on its web site before too long. In case you have been following the show but missed this, the two dancers are named Ashleigh and Jakob. It seems to have been a ballroom dance style number. **UPDATE: Here's a link to one of the many reviews of the dancing. I chose this one because it talks more about Chuck and Eva. My own take? The dance wasn't very interesting, but it's always wonderful when a large new audience is introduced to Eva's music, and since I hadn't listened to that song in a long time, I was delighted to be reminded of how fantastic it sounds!

DAVID ARCHULETA CONTINUES TO PRAISE EVA: Bless the boy, American Idol runner-up David Archuleta is performing "Fields of Gold" on tour, and talking about how he draws inspiration from Eva Cassidy. Here's a link to a fan site that discusses Eva. Many thanks to Ellen from Fredericksburg, Virginia, for alerting us via the Guestbook. (Added December 2, 2009) UPDATE: Here's another link to discuss this. Lee from Vienna writes that she and her daughter Carly had the chance to meet David and his father, and gave him one of the "Another Eva Cassidy Fan" bumper stickers. (Added December 9, 2009)

Amazon LogoAMAZON ASSOCIATES: This website is pleased to participate in the "Amazon Associates" program as a fundraiser for cancer research. The year-to-date totals are shown in the "navigation box" on this page. Since the fundraiser began, we raised approximately $13,000 from Amazon.com, $500 from Amazon.ca, and £3,300 from Amazon.co.uk. This money has been sent directly to the melanoma research fund at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. When you're doing your on-line shopping, if you want to order ANYTHING from Amazon.co.uk (United Kingdom) or Amazon.com (United States), and Amazon.ca (Canada), come to this website first and follow the link to Amazon from here!  It doesn't cost you any more money, and a percentage of your total order amount is automatically donated to this charity. These little bits of money mount up, and it's such an easy way to support a worthy cause with a special connection to Eva Cassidy. THANK YOU SO MUCH for your participation!

NPR logoVOTE FOR EVA: National Public Radio has narrowed down its search for "Fifty Great Voices" and you can vote for your top five. Thanks to the many fans who suggested her, Eva Cassidy is one of the choices. You will see many famous names, plus quite a few you've never heard of, with sound clips and photos. Who knows, you might discover some new favorites, and others may hear Eva's voice for the first time. Here's the link. It's a fancy interactive flash display with photos instead of names, and you will either find it impressive or annoying. (I tend toward the latter.) The photo of Eva is the one from the cover of the SONGBIRD album, a snapshot taken by Eva's friend Elaine Stonebraker. (The NPR site didn't give an accurate photo credit so I'm providing one.)

Dan Cassidy Swing AlbumDAN CASSIDY SWING QUARTET: Now available through the EvaCassidy.com web site, a brand new instrumental album of swing, jazz and gypsy music. Eva was a big fan of her younger brother Dan's music, and you will be too. If you decide to order the album, be sure to get some Eva bumper stickers too. They say "Another Eva Cassidy Fan," which of course you ARE. (Added October 21, 2009.)

"GLEE" STAR HAS GOOD TASTE: Broadway-trained singer Lea Michele has been listing Eva Cassidy as one of her favorites, saying, "’Songbird’ by Eva Cassidy is my favorite song to sing." (Don't tell Christine McVie, who actually wrote the song. But I think Lea is referring to Eva's arrangement.)

Speaking of celebrity Eva fans, I must apologize to Kristin Chenoweth for previously misspelling her name. As compensation, and because I feel like it, I'd like to recommend her recent book, "A Little Bit Wicked." I'm listening to it as an audiobook, with the author narrating, and it's fantastic! Don't miss it, if you enjoy musical theater.

THANKFUL FOR EVA: A recent publication from Hallmark, the greeting card company, mentions "Eva Cassidy collections" as one of the "1001 things to be thankful for." It's item number 242, between "Puppies" and "Reaching a Milestone." But I don't think the items are listed in order of importance.

U.K. flagTHE BBC MENTIONS EVA along with Tupac, Elvis and Jimi, in an article about the recent surge in Michael Jackson's album sales following his death. Unlike the other singers, of course, Eva was "a virtual unknown" when she died. Her story, like her voice, is unique.

LOVE THOSE STEREO GUYS: Sometimes reviewers of audio equipment use Eva albums as part of their test of a new system. In Kent Johnson's review of the Grant Fidelity A-534B integrated amplifier, he states, "If you have ever wondered why Eva Cassidy is held in such high esteem, you only have to hear her on Eva by Heart through the A-534B amplifier (Blix Street G2-10047). Her singing is so beautiful it really defies description; if her voice doesn't affect you emotionally, something is very, very wrong." (Added October 21, 2009)

U.K. flagUK POPULARITY SURGE FOR SONGBIRD: Eva's distinctive vocal arrangements continue to inspire contestants in televised talent shows. Britain's "X Factor" competitor Shanna Goodhead, age 18, performed Eva's arrangement of "Songbird" on a recent program. Not only did she win kudos for herself, and earn promotion to the next round of the competition, but apparently she inspired another wave of "Evamania." As a result, Eva's SONGBIRD album returned to the UK Top 100 album chart (#89), and the "Songbird" single track is now on the UK Top 50 singles chart (#41).

U.S. flagHEARTFELT BLOG ESSAY: Several family members and fans have drawn my attention to this blog entry by Steven J. Patrick for the Seattle Post Intelligencer. You should read it all, but here's an excerpt:

'I don't even know how to properly put this into words that do her justice. This shy, uncompromising young woman - who flatly refused to let potential record companies force her to sing just one kind of music - hit me in my heart like only a very few singers have ever done before. I've always told anybody who asked that, irrespective of genre, the best voices I had ever heard were Barbra Streisand, Aretha Franklin, and Ella Fitzgerald. Just below that tier, Joni Mitchell and Annie Lennox. In terms of sheer emotional impact, the field narrows further: Streisand and Aretha. Eva Cassidy belongs in both arguments. It's not even subjective. However she came by that Voice - God's Gift, Deal With The Devil, freak of nature, whatever - she was, out of all those illustrious names, by far the most versatile, the most flexible, the most expressive, and - except for Aretha - the most purely soulful. Her guitar playing is nearly as good as her voice; a cushiony, nimble, warm, and harmonious bed on which those soul-shattering vocals both rest and howl. Her dynamics are shocking: muted to a prayerful whisper when the song needs it, caressing the melody with a jazzy insouciance when she feels that, and bursting into a staggering power riff when that's what the moment dictates. She did her own arrangements and they're as inventive, swingin', and playful as a Herbie Hancock retelling of a pop standard and as purely lovely and melodic as a Mary Black reading of an Irish ballad. And none of it shows the tiniest bit of artifice; nothing done for effect or impact. Just a girl singin' a song.'

Poster MUSICAL ABOUT EVA, ON STAGE NOW: Zoe Tyler has taken on the role of Eva in the latest tour of Over The Rainbow – The Eva Cassidy Story, a musical play written by Brian Langtry in collaboration with Stephen Leatherland. The tour schedule can be found here.

U S Flag"WE NEED ENTERTAINERS AS MUCH AS WE NEED AIR," columnist Larry Clark wrote in the Hickory (NC) Daily Record. He was referring to the recent death of Michael Jackson. I'm going to quote from his column because it really resonates with me, and also, of course, because it mentions Eva. I think you'll like it too:

"Thus it is with our favorite entertainers and their music. Because of them, we are not lonely, even when we're alone.

They inspire us, make us laugh, bring us to tears, prick our conscience, move us to action, make us dance and sometimes they force us to think.

We ascribe hero status to them for good reason. They give us refuge amid our troubles. They make us happy. More than anything, they reflect who we are.

Entertainers are influential, to some degree, but musicians and singers, like other artists, provide compelling images of ourselves.

We respond to songs of protest because we already know something is amiss and needs correcting. We dance because we feel like dancing and we'll jump at any opportunity to do so. We are glad because no matter how we feel, we want our gladness to burst forth.

We cry, sometimes even before a song begins, because we know heartache for whatever reason.

Entertainers compel the catharsis we cannot induce without help.

Many people I admire have come and gone. Buddy Holly, Bo Diddley, Elvis, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, the list seems to go on forever.

It's not just Pop/Rock. I like all kinds of music. I can go from Aaron Copland to Bob Dylan to Franz Liszt to Jeomy Wilson to Alvin Lee to Doc Watson in a trice.

So, Eva Cassidy's passing hurt just like John Lennon's. We still thrive on their music. It's a personal thing."

U S FlagEVA'S FANS CAN BE FOUND ACROSS THE MUSICAL SPECTRUM: Minneapolis rapper Young Son told the web site DJ Booth that Eva's music is a favorite of his to wind down at bedtime! 'I have to have music on, and, ironically, it’s not even hip-hop —- it’s actually a really, really dope alternative track by Eva Cassidy. She has this rendition of “Autumn Leaves,” and I just go to sleep to that. For a hip-hop artist that may sound super-soft or whatever, but that’s just my thing.' (Young Son's use of the word "dope" was unfamiliar to me, so I looked it up on Wikipedia. Apparently it is an adjective: "cool, nice, awesome; popularized by hip hop culture.")

WASHINGTON'S GREATEST HITS: The March 2009 issue of Washingtonian includes an interview with music writer Richard Harrington. Interviewer William Triplett asked Harrington, "If you had to put together a list of the truly talented local bands or musicians, who would be on it?" The three musicians Harrington cited were guitarist Danny Gatton, Eva Cassidy, and Chuck Brown. He called Eva's voice "astonishing," and said of her, "I didn't know Eva Cassidy. I knew of her and her skill and her potential, and I always assumed there would be time to write a story about her.... I didn't know anything about her having cancer until very late in the game -- otherwise I would have tried to write a story while she was still alive. My very first story that appeared on her came out after she died in 1996. I worked hard on that story because I felt so bad for not having written it when she was alive. I worked all night on it, and when I sent it to the editor about 7 in the morning, I felt emotionally drained." (You can read that story, "Echoes of a Voice Stilled Too Early," here.) I'm going to add one more quote from the Washingtonian article because it sounds like something Eva once said to me about the level of talent in the Washington area: "I've learned there's a tremendous number of gifted and ambitious and skilled and imaginative and hard-working, creative personalities out there." So turn off the TV and head on out there to hear them!

NewALBUM REVIEW: Karl Stober of eJazzRadio reviews the SOMEWHERE album. He writes, "No thought, script, or judgment can offer justice to the impact Eva Cassidy and her storyline has on each of us."

New Zealand FlagALBUM REVIEW: Critic Stu Hunt of the Nelson Review in New Zealand reviewed the SOMEWHERE album on December 11, 2008. He praises the "effortless beauty of her approach" and asserts that "Albums like 'Somewhere' underline the fact that there was much more to her than simply a tragic figure and that, had she lived, it is highly likely she would have eventually reaped similar levels of acclaim."

Guitar pictureEVA'S GUITAR TECHNIQUE ANALYZED: Eric in Silver Spring writes, 'I was at Barnes and Nobles last night in Bethesda, and ran across Guitar Techniques magazine that had a tablature and transcription of Eva’s “Over The Rainbow” in the January 2009 edition. It had about a 7 page spread, analyzing her chord structures, commenting on how she added a 9th to the G chord to add a little more oomph or that she played partial chords so as not to overwhelm the vocal with the guitar part. Pretty interesting analysis. Additionally, they had one full page photo of Eva —- the one standing on the lawn in the oversized sweater -- and cover photo to “I know You By Heart” CD as an inset pic.'

U S FlagALBUM REVIEW: The Knoxville News Sentinel in Tennessee reviewed the SOMEWHERE album on November 16, 2008. Critic Wayne Bledsoe writes, 'The latest Cassidy collection, "Somewhere," does not disappoint. Cassidy was such a natural singer that she could, and did, tackle any style and make it her own. The highlights on this set includes a sweet rendition of Robert Burns' "My Love Is Like a Red Red Rose," the bluesy "Ain't Doin' Too Bad" and the jazzy Cassidy original "Somewhere." It's a tragedy that Cassidy didn't live long enough to see so many people fall in love with her music, but it's a blessing that she created it in the first place.'

"YOU CAN JUST FEEL HER SPIRIT WHEN SHE SINGS:" My cousin Margret found this short feature interview with singer David Archuleta on the /I>People web site. She explains, "He mentions Eva, and there is a little bit of Eva's music while he's speaking of her! God bless this young man!" David said, "On the music side someone I would love to spend a day with is Eva Cassidy. You can just feel her spirit when she sings. I think it would be so cool to spend time with her and see what she was like." (I think David pronounced her name right this time, too. Yay!)

ANOTHER STAR WITH GOOD TASTE: Linda in Maryland has discovered another high-profile Eva fan -- Kristin Chenoweth, one of the best-known Broadway stars. "[In an interview] she mentions Eva in the same company with singers Whitney Houston, Barbra Streisand, Dolly Parton....refers to Eva as one of her favorite artists."

Image of a chartSTILL IN THE CHARTS: The new album SOMEWHERE is still in the album charts in the United Kingdom. This past week it was #40, and the SONGBIRD album from 1998 is #92.

image of a CDSCOTTISH REVIEW:A review in the October/November issue of the magazine Scottish Woman calls the SOMEWHERE album "compelling" and says "The stunning 'Early One Morning,' originally recorded back in 1987, closes this deeply emotive reminder of a magical voice."

U.S. flagARTICLE FROM WASHINGTON: The News Tribune in Washington State carried this article about Blix Street Records and the new album SOMEWHERE, on September 28th. '“It’s by far the most diverse record,” Straw said. “‘Songbird’ was a super album. But any criticism of it was maybe it was too middle-of-the-road. And this one, it’s got so many colors. There’s a lot of different facets to it. It takes a little time to get your head around.”'

image of a CD"SONIC BOOMERS" REVIEW: The "Bentley's Bandstand" column on the "Sonic Boomers" web site reviews the SOMEWHERE album. Here's an extract: 'The true mark of her talent is how she always sounds like herself no matter what she sings. Taking the bluesy “Ain’t Doing Too Bad” into the alley is the album’s big surprise. From a live session in 1996, Cassidy never veers toward imitation, making sure not to set herself up to fail, but adds her own soul with a full-blooded arrangement and sassy delivery. That’s class. Same with Franklin’s “Won’t Be Long.” Anytime an artist puts themselves in the same frame as Lady Soul, it’s likely to be a losing proposition. Not this time. Eva Cassidy stays on top of the action, jumping through the verses and turning on the heat near the end to make sure we don’t miss the emotion running through this little known gem, also covered by Tracy Nelson and Mother Earth on their debut release. Saving the best for almost last, “Summertime” is Cassidy and her acoustic guitar, performing a classic that sometimes feels like it should be retired. But here, the lyrics are caressed in a way that makes the song we’ve all heard a thousand times seem brand new. The mark of greatness is when a musician touches our heart and makes us feel something we haven’t. Eva Cassidy was able to do that almost every time she opened her mouth to sing. Even though she’s gone now, she’s really still right here.'

Poster EVA CASSIDY MUSICAL STILL TOURING: Now in its fourth season, the musical "Over the Rainbow: Songs in the Life of Eva Cassidy" currently stars singer and actress Faye Tozer, formerly of the pop group Steps. Here are links to two articles about the show that include Faye Tozer's thoughts about the difficulty of portraying Eva Cassidy on stage. This one is from the South Wales Echo and this one is from the News Shopper. To see if the show will be playing anywhere near you, click here. There's a link to a promotional video on that web site also. I just watched it, and I have to say, it was a lot better than I expected it to be.

For a full account of how a devoted Eva fan responded to the show, read this excellent review from Les in England:

Reflections of Eva

Perhaps, like most or maybe all of the audience who made the journey to the Alexander Theatre, Birmingham on Tuesday 7th October 2008, I really had very little idea of what to expect from the show that early autumn evening. The show was ‘Over the Rainbow – The Eva Cassidy Story’ and I must declare an interest here, in that I had been a fan of Eva’s since hearing the first play of ‘Over the Rainbow’ in 1998 here on the BBC Radio in England. I have all the cd’s of course and ….well you know how it goes, once Eva wraps her voice around you, you are hers for the rest of your life, like a siren calling to a desperate sailor lost on a raging ocean. Perhaps for that reason, I had resisted going to this show for as long as I could. But in truth it was fear that had stopped me. Fear that I would be disappointed, such is the quality of Eva’s voice and the emotions she has and evokes in me, that I was already challenging what I would see and hear. Of course I would be let down, no one could sing like Eva!

Probably everyone has their own version of Eva’s story, depending on their personal knowledge and rather like a great song that can be both universal and personal, you carry it around with you as your own source of inspiration and comfort, bringing it out like an old friend that never lets you down when life grinds you down. I was fearful the spell would be broken.

Fearful, knowing that, inevitably, a ‘biopic’ in whatever form, often has to be rearranged in a different order to that which actually happened in reality, to fit the arc of the story and bring that particular medium to a conclusion that we are all satisfied with.

Now here’s the one fear that really terrified me! The fear that, having listened to Eva for 10 years, read virtually everything written about her, the raw nerves of a 53 year old man would be exposed to the point of tears there in the Theatre for all to see, blubbing for all he was worth. Well despite all fears, here I was.

Now ok, lets make it clear, this isn’t a Broadway production, this wasn’t the heart of the London Theatre scene with all the glitz and glamour that scenario entails; no huge budgets; no Cameron Macintosh to produce, but then Eva was never about glitz and glamour, understatement in all things more like. I would guess this production is a work in progress, with all the glitches, faults and flaws that come with earnestly trying to encapsulate a whole life, albeit cut short all too soon, in just a couple of hours. My advice for what it’s worth, whatever you may have read or heard, is go see the show, pay your money gladly and support it, in the hope that it will grow like the friendships and flowers Eva gently tended over the course of her short life.

The first Act certainly had its moments that dispelled any fears that I may have had and though perhaps much that happens on stage can never match your dreams, in the spirit of ‘There will never be another Eva, but there may be someone else’, Faye Tozer as Eva, certainly brought her alive, injecting her own spirit and soul into the songs we know Eva best for. Particularly in the quiet medative moments that were being depicted, ‘Songbird’ perhaps the pick, there was an audible sigh as the opening notes were delicately picked and for those few moments at least, Eva lived. There she was, right there in front of me. All I had longed for, Eva singing just for me. The emotion, the voice, the shy but stubborn personality, at times childlike and playful, at times intense and uncompromising and of course that radiant elfin-like beauty that any man worth his salt would have loved to have woken up next to every morning for a moment or a lifetime and the generosity of spirit that was irresistible, causing any female to have longed to call her a friend. Here my resistance crumbled and try as I might to fight the tears, nothing could stop them. All I could think of was that description by Chris Biondo on hearing Eva sing OTR for the first time on that car ride. He had to pull over feeling feeble; feeble was I.

The show took the story from Eva’s early adolescence after her idyllic early childhood and her feelings about Robert Goddard school and the responsibilities of life, how the hurtfulness of the world began to shape her vision and feelings and how she used the pain to transform her own life and in due course all those she touched, now in their millions, around the world. As if she was prepared to soak up the ‘slings and arrows of outrageous fortune’, and turn them all into love and fire them back to us like Cupid, all with no strings attached, all within a totally ego - less performance in which only three things seem to matter to her, the song, the song and the song.

Joined by Chuck Brown, Eva and the band whipped up a storm as the story moved through to Blues Alley, not being shy to take in the well documented difficulties that Hugh has written about with his precious daughter during those years when they grew apart. Eva’s resistance to all things without grace and beauty, including the music business moguls and PR men, whose judgments were so fallible. There’s none so blind as those who cannot see.

After the intermission the second act came to its inevitable heartrending conclusion, no less easy to take for all the prior knowledge of the loss of such a unique talent and such a unique person. Here there were some deviations from the ‘Songbird’ book in terms of storyline and if I was to be critical at all, it laboured a little under the terrible sorrow or Eva’s decline. But who am I to criticize, how easy can it be to show the drawn out slow sting of that early, unwanted, unforgiving death, without reducing the pace of the story almost to a standstill, indeed conveying that slow inevitability must be at the forefront of the story.

Of course that now famous, spiritual, heart rending version of ‘Wonderful World’ that Eva sang, drew down the curtain on Eva’s life and the show and drew a standing ovation from the appreciative audience.

Bravo to all the cast for their interpretation and characterization, in particular Faye Tozer playing Eva, who no doubt as professional as she is, must surely be drenched in overwhelming emotions after each performance. She gives her all as Eva surely must have.

What would Eva have thought of it? Of course I cannot say, I wish I could ask her. I imagine that she would be absolutely incredulous that a show about her short and perhaps to her, uneventful life would be playing to so many people (and selling many cds in the foyers to boot) on the other side of the Atlantic. Maybe she would exclaim in all humbleness and surprise those same words she said as she left her Tribute Concert in 1996, ‘They loved me’.

Of course Eva, it took you this long to realize?

I called this review Reflections on Eva. Walking home I caught my own reflection in a shop window and I realized then that to me, that’s the essence of Eva and what perhaps sums her life up, her God given gift to hold up a mirror to us all so we can see life, love and loss in all its endless happiness and sorrow and embrace it.

What did I think of it? Well, all I know is that after a disturbed nights sleep, when I swear I dreamed of Eva, the following day I was a little kinder to everyone I met, a little more forgiving and a little more optimistic that in a world fraught with enormous difficulties and problems there still remains hope, there still remains beauty and there still remains that little flickering flame of love that lights the way through the long dark night.

And after all, isn’t that what Eva would have wished for?

Australian flagFEATURE STORY IN AUSTRALIA: Sadly, Australia's Rhythms Magazine does not seem to have a web presence. If you're in the right part of the world, though, you'll want to pick up a copy of the October issue for its story about Eva and the SOMEWHERE album, featuring an interview with Eva's producer and longtime friend and collaborator Chris Biondo.

Grace GriffithCOMING NEXT YEAR: Those familiar with Eva's story know that she greatly admired vocalist Grace Griffith, that it was Grace who introduced Eva's music to Blix Street Records, and that Grace has struggled with Parkinson's Disease for several years. I hope many of you agree with me that Grace's music deserves a wider audience. Maybe it will happen soon -- Kathy McCabe writes that Bill Straw of Blix Street is "committed to releasing a Best of Grace Griffith CD which would include songs from all the CDs she's already released including her amazing version of 'My Life.' He'd like to target the UK hopefully by the beginning of next year and will tie in Grace's music with her connection to Eva's story and her struggle with Parkinsons Disease as well. ...All of us are committed to telling the world about Grace's amazing talent, her wonderful performance on 'My Life,' and her brave battle against PD. If each of us keeps working on this, it will happen... it's happening already. This quest has so many personal interconnections on many continents and so many people from all walks of life pulling for it, that it will succeed. We're hoping to work with Michael J. Fox as well. He's actually seen Grace perform!" I listen to Grace's music often and encourage you to discover her if you have not already done so. As this project progresses I will keep you informed.

Album cover for the new album SOMEWHERESALT LAKE CITY REVIEW: Eva's music is quite popular in Salt Lake City, due largely to the frequent radio airplay offered by folk DJ Susanne Millsap, who passed away last year. In the Deseret News, critic Scott Iwasaki describes himself as a fan, assures his fellows that the SOMEWHERE album "doesn't disappoint," and goes on to describe it as a "virtually perfect CD." You can read the full review here.

BUZZ FROM THE BEE: Isn't this the best newspaper name ever -- the Sacramento Bee? Their critic Rachel Leibrock writes, '"Somewhere" captures Cassidy's eclecticism with 12 tracks, including 10 covers that show off her impressive vocal range and an uncanny emotional depth. The songs here (selected by members of her family) are a satisfying run through various blues, pop and country gems. On Dolly Parton's "Coat of Many Colors," Cassidy's voice is sweet and winsome, while on songs such as "Ain't Doin' Too Bad" and "Chain of Fools" she's robust and brimming with a sassy energy. A soft, spare take on "Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain" is as lovely as they come. The title track, co-written by Cassidy, completes an unfinished recording of Cassidy's vocals with a lush, full band instrumentation and its impact is as joyful as it is bittersweet.' Hey, how come I didn't get to pick a song, hmmm?

ZEN GUITAR: Eva is mentioned in The Book of Six Strings: The Six Fold Path of Zen Guitar by PhilipToshio Sudo & Tobias Hurwitz. On page 46 they write, "The essence of a single song can be perceived in the light of its larger genre. Is not every blues song similar in a way, every punk song and every jazz song? And yet these genres are all open to interpretation. Artists color songs. The great singer Eva Cassidy did not write her own songs, but all that she touched, she made her own. She illuminated each song in the special glow of her own genius. Eva has demonstrated how one song is indeed a thousand songs, how the true songbird can sing of anything sweetly. What does YOUR heart sing in the deepest reaches of your soul? With what shades do you tint your music? Who are you? What is your song?"

Flag of MarylandMARYLAND GAZETTE ARTICLE: Andrea Noble interviewed Barbara and Hugh Cassidy for this article, headlined "Album released 12 years after singer's death." Also quoted were Chuck Brown and Chris Biondo. Nice article.

U.S. flagSEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER REVIEW: Critic Gene Stout writes, 'If you're a Cassidy fan, you won't be disappointed. The collection of previously unreleased songs includes Dolly Parton's "Coat of Many Colors," as well as "Chain of Fools," "Walkin' After Midnight," "Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain" and George and Ira Gershwin's "Summertime." Each song is performed with new arrangements that demonstrate her tremendous musical depth.'

U.K. flagSELBY TIMES REVIEW: This small British newspaper has an unnamed music critic who loves Eva! Here's the link. 'It's incredible to believe Eva Cassidy is still surprising and delighting her fans with the release of new songs 12 years after her untimely death at the age of 33.... While not having the immediate impact, perhaps of Songbird, these 12 tracks are still of the highest quality and yet another beautiful glimpse in the life and work of a truly great female vocalist. There's also a real blues edge to a number of these tracks, which stretches Cassidy's vocal range to new and interesting heights. As the possibilities of releasing new work diminishes with every passing year, these rare occasions where her precious songs are rediscovered are a thrill for music fans and further testament to her prowess as one of the greatest singers of her time.'



PLEASE READ THE WEBMASTER'S COMMENT BELOW! Join the "promote Eva Cassidy" team! Eva's guitarist, Keith Grimes, recently told me that when the Eva Cassidy Band had a gig scheduled at a new venue, he would phone the club to ask who was performing that night. "I'd say, oh, Eva Cassidy? That's fantastic! I've got to come! Can you give me directions how to get there?" The directions, of course, were the reason for the call, but he'd try to generate some excitement among the staff ahead of time. You can use the same technique when you buy your Eva Cassidy CDs by telling the cashier how much you love her music, plus the suggestions that follow.

image of a CDWebmaster's comment: Have you got time to make a few phone calls for Eva's sake? There are two types. The first phone calls should be to any local radio stations that have EVER played any of Eva's music, or folk or singer-songwriter style music. Tell them you'd love to hear them play something from Eva's new album, and if they don't know about the album you can tell them about it. Be sure to add that if they don't have the album yet, you'd love to hear ANY song by Eva Cassidy. The second kind of phone call is to your local music stores. Ask if they have the new Eva Cassidy album. Most of the time they'll have to look it up. If they have it, express joy and delight, find out what section they have it shelved with, and ask what time they close tonight! This can raise awareness where it really counts.

I remember the week EVA BY HEART came out. I must have made about a hundred phone calls to music stores in the Washington area. The majority of the conversations were as described above, but on a few occasions I spoke with a clerk who was a fan, and had been playing the album in the store. It was so heartening. Later in the week I went to the Olssons Books and Records in Old Town Alexandria and made my standard query in person. The clerk pointed to a special display and said that everybody there loved Eva Cassidy! "In fact," he said, "the guy who wrote the album notes is here in the store right now. With his dog." That's how I met Joel E. Siegel (with his dog). I was very happy to be able to thank him in person for his support of Eva's music. Joel was a brilliant Grammy-winning music writer and film critic; he passed away last year and he is greatly missed.

U.S. flagNew York Daily News Article: Writer Jim Farber starts off poorly, with the hackneyed assertion that death is "a good career move." Fortunately he pulled himself together after that to praise Eva's music and the new album. Here's the link. 'given a tone as warm as fleece. In character, Cassidy could sound maternally protective one moment, spiritually fraught the next, and sexually yearning moments after. She sang songs from the inside, with a sense of engagement that seems complete. Referring to the song "Somewhere," Farber writes, 'The title track - her very first effort - has lyrics that show a poet's flair. And the song's music, which she penned with producer Chris Biondo, unfurls with an anthemic flourish. It's exciting to hear she could write so well, but also sad, considering there can't be much more of it. Then again, if Cassidy's heirs have been able to find so much quality material so far, who knows what's yet to come?'

U.S. flagVIEW FROM BOWIE: David Emanuel of the Bowie Blade News wrote an article published August 21st. Interestingly, it seems to have been published as an editorial. 'I listened to the CD last night. Try getting through the absolutely chilling and haunting "A Bold Young Farmer" without feeling the hairs on the back of your neck raise. And just try to listen to her redo of Dolly Parton's "Coat of Many Colors" without getting a lump in your throat. And for those of you who have never heard her version of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," on her platinum-selling album "Songbird," well, you haven't truly lived until you hear her masterfully beautiful rendition.... And we are again swept away on her amazing journey, as if she's still her with us. And in many ways, she really is. Somewhere, Eva, know that we thank you and still miss you.'

U.S. flagBALTIMORE SUN ARTICLE: The headline reads, "A voice silenced in 1996 is brought back to life." Mary Johnson interviewed Eva's parents for this article/review, which appeared in the August 28th issue of the Sun.

Johnson writes, 'Like the versatile singer who refused to be pegged, the recording is an eclectic mix containing something for everyone, including pop, R&B, folk, Appalachian, jazz and country. There are near-gospel tunes, such as Dolly Parton's "Coat of Many Colors," and classic folk, such as "My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose," and swinging country like the Patsy Cline classic "Walkin' After Midnight," along with a heart-wrenching, prophetic "Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain" - and my personal favorite, Gershwin's "Summertime," as I've never heard it and as it was always meant to be sung. Among the original songs, Cassidy adapted the lyrics of "Early One Morning" from an English folk song set to music by Rob Cooper, and she wrote "Somewhere" with her longtime friend and producer, Chris Biondo. On the CD, I could hear echoes of some of my favorites: a little Ella Fitzgerald, the raucousness of Billie Holiday and the vocal beauty of Barbara Cook. Their music, however, is different from the breathing immortality of Eva Cassidy. She connects with listeners on a one-to-one level. Her voice is pure, her musical sense uncanny, her ability to define a lyric amazing and assured - "Summertime" seems to be uniquely on par with her best-known cover, "Over the Rainbow." I listened to it over and over again; I had to figure out how she brought such fresh life to this Gershwin classic while uncovering its natural roots.'

Johnson also wrote about Eva's artwork: 'Eva was also an accomplished artist whose work reflects her individuality and joyous spirit. This art is lovingly displayed on both levels of the house on the banks of the West River: mostly dream-like, near-surrealistic landscapes containing tall cypress trees, still ponds with swans floating, clouds that seem suspended, executed in her favorite cool and serene palette of blues and greens.'

U.S. flagARTICLE IN THE ANNAPOLIS (MARYLAND) CAPITAL: Theresa Winslow spoke with Eva's parents for this article.

U.K. flagDAILY ECHO REVIEW: Reviewer Nick Churchill describes the SOMEWHERE album as "sparky" and "fan-pleasing." (Added September 3, 2008)

Ireland flagARTICLE IN THE IRISH INDEPENDENT: "The songbird is singing again," writes John Meagher in his article for the Independent. You'll enjoy reading his interview with Eva's parents, Hugh and Barbara Cassidy.

U.S. flagKevin O'Hare of the Massachusetts Republican reviewed the album on August 24th. 'This is the first Cassidy release in five years and her magnificent voice still shines through brightly.... The real treat here however is the inclusion of a couple of Cassidy originals, notably the album-closing title song, which was co-written by producer Chris Biondo. Left unfinished, it was recently completed for this album by Biondo and some of Cassidy's former bandmates, resulting in one more reason the music world will always lament the singer's early passing, but will take solace in these precious recordings.'

Album cover for the new album SOMEWHERENewly Updated SOMEWHERE Page: Information about the new album SOMEWHERE can be found here. You can see a preview of the images in the album booklet, including some of Eva's drawings. This page is a work-in-progress as I continue writing about the songs on the SOMEWHERE album. Several songs have been updated in the first week of September.

United States Flag"WADE IN THE WATER" TO BE FEATURED ON "AMERICAN ROUTES": The popular public radio program "American Routes" will feature Eva's recording of "Wade in the Water" in connection with a feature story about New Orleans and the challenge of rebuilding its cultural life. This program is broadcast on many stations nationwide, and their web site is www.americanroutes.org. The New Orleans program will be aired the weekend of August 22-24, 2008.

Question MarkBLOG REVIEW: I'm not sure how much focus I want to give to blog reviews. In rare cases they have become the equal in importance to print media, but most of the time they're pretty meaningless. While we're waiting, though, I thought the fans would appreciate another preview of SOMEWHERE. Scott of the Yahoo Group found a review of the new album on a site called Muruch. It's very professionally written and has some nice descriptions.

IRISH WINDOW DISPLAY: From Gerard in Ireland, a snapshot of a window display including SOMEWHERE, in the lower right corner. He writes, "This was the Celtic Note music store in Nassau Street -the street where foreign tourist's buses stop outside Trinity College to allow the tourists to go shopping or see the Book of Kells in Trinity."

Snapshot of window display

COMMENT FROM THE WEBMASTER: As I watch the 2008 Olympic Games on television I find myself thinking about the Eva Cassidy fans all over the world. People from so many countries write in the Guestbook. Recently I was thrilled to see the first (probably) posting from Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Other countries recently heard from include Germany, Norway, Belgium, India, Ireland, Italy, England, and France -- and that's just the most recent page! Not long ago I heard from Dave Marash, formerly of ABC "Nightline," who told me he'll be teaching journalism in China this fall, "and introducing people to Eva, for sure!" I think we all agree that Eva's music makes the world a better place.

United States flagFIRST US AIRPLAY FOR NEW ALBUM: From Elana: 'Bob McWilliams, host of "Trail Mix" on Sunday afternoons in Kansas, played "Early One Morning" yesterday and gave a big plug for the CD. You know Kim [Morrow] and that was one of her targeted radio hosts. She had no idea he would play it immediately and say it would be released Aug. 26. Now she is going to double-back and ask him to play at least one song per week until the release and trust he will pick other songs from the CD to feature. This was on Kansas Public Radio which has various stations throughout Kansas and is also heard in other bordering states.' I think that Eva's most devoted fans are going to be a big part of the PR process for this new album!

UK flag"FIELDS OF GOLD" WARS AT THE BBC: Agent Steve in York is back on the job -- I have always been able to count on him for interesting tidbits. 'About 3 or 4 months back, Bob Harris's usual producer was retiring or something like that, so they were doing a bit of a retrospective. Bob played Eva's FOG, and afterwards mentioned that he reckoned Pauly Walters and "Sir Tel" had "stolen" FOG from his show. All a little bizarre." I have to laugh -- those wacky announcers at the BBC are still squabbling over who discovered Eva? I researched this issue exhaustively a few years ago and reported the results on my "Fields of Gold" article. It wasn't either of those two, either! I also found that yet another BBC announcer played Eva's 'Wade in the Water' prior to the first broadcast of "Fields of Gold." Anyone know who it was? You'll find the answer on the Q & A Page.

Steve sent me a sound clip of Bob Harris' commentary, which I have transcribed: "It still sounds beautiful, doesn't it? It's Keith Grimes on guitar, by the way, I don't think I've ever credited him on the radio before, but he does add so much atmosphere, doesn't he, to Eva Cassidy's 'Fields of Gold' from her SONGBIRD album. We WERE the first to play that, I know that Wogan claimed it, but we were actually the first, not that it really matters that much. Paul Walters, who produced Wogan at the time, the late Paul Walters, listened to this programme regularly, he was a big fan of the Saturday night show, and he used to take across into Wogan things that he heard on our programme that he liked and thought would be suitable, so having played -- I think it was on Wogan's show two or three days later. And it still sounds beautiful, I've not played that for a long time, it's lovely to hear it again. 'Fields of Gold.' Eva Cassidy."

UK flagEVA MENTION IN UK'S DAILY EXPRESS:From Agent Steve in York: "It must be silly season again in Fleet Street, with Heath Ledger's death prompting an article in the Daily Express which includes Eva." Helen Dowd's article in the Express says: 'Looking at the life of Eva Cassidy, the blues singer who died of cancer aged 33 in 1996, her relative obscurity until 2000 is almost as heart-breaking as some of her melancholy songs. Her cover of Somewhere Over The Rainbow was unearthed by Radio 2 and played by Terry Wogan and just a year later her gentle acoustic album Songbird sold six million copies in the UK. It also went to No10 in the charts in Australia, Germany, Sweden, Norway and Switzerland. Her producer Chris Biondo’s words on her posthumous success could be applied to so many of those who died in obscurity: “She understood that being popular and famous was not all it’s cracked up to be,” he said. “That wasn’t what drove her to make music. There are singers who are successful now, popular now, who won’t be remembered like Eva. They don’t have the emotional impact.”' Did anyone else but me notice that the Biondo quote came from this web site? Without attribution, may I add? (Oh, and who's Heath Ledger?) (Added July 26, 2008)

BBC LogoFIRST AIRPLAY FOR NEW ALBUM: Sir Terry Wogan played "Red, Red Rose" on his radio program today. He is reported to have said: "Now this is an entirely new Eva Cassidy song.... A wonderful version of a beautiful song. That’s Eva Cassidy, that’s from a new CD called Somewhere. Ten years after the release of Songbird, the legend continues, a collection of 12 previously unreleased songs. Isn’t that wonderful, that’s really nice. We’ll have to be playing more from that, and don’t think we won’t." Oh, BBC Radio Two, I love you!

Album cover for the new album SOMEWHERE + Bumper Sticker that says, Another Eva Cassidy Fan = Heart image:
Eva's sister Margret asked me to announce that the EVACASSIDY.COM website is accepting advance orders of the new album SOMEWHERE. As an added bonus, they'll include a free bumper sticker with every order.

URGENT REMINDER: It's summertime in the northern hemisphere, "and the livin' is easy. Fish are jumpin' and the cotton's high," and so is the danger of melanoma. Today an article mentioning Eva was published in "Counterpunch" entitled "Baseball Caps and Sunscreen." You can feel free to ignore the politics, but the author gives us some excellent reminders that generic sunscreen and a baseball cap are NOT enough to protect us from the sun. Linda S. found another recent article about melanoma from the Washington Post entitled "Melanoma Rates Increase Among Younger Women." Please be prudent on these sunny days.

Album cover for the new album SOMEWHERENEW EVA CASSIDY ALBUM COMING AUGUST 26th: Blix Street Records announces the international release of SOMEWHERE, an album of twelve new songs from the Eva Cassidy "archives." Check back here soon for further details, but here's some preliminary information:

R I Double A LogoSONGBIRD WENT PLATINUM IN THE UNITED STATES: The album SONGBIRD achieved the million-album U.S. sales figure in December 2006, but I just heard about it tonight. This is exciting news if you believe, as I do, that Eva's music makes the world a better place. (Added July 5, 2008)

U S FlagINTRODUCTION TO EVA CASSIDY, FOR DAVID ARCHULETA FANS -- or is it an intro to David Archuleta for Eva fans? Thanks to Scott of the Yahoo Group for this discovery. The webmaster's write-up is excellent and the comments are fun to read. Reminder to all: Eva's name is pronounced EVE-ah, rhyming with Diva.

MAYBE THERE WILL BE SOME EXCITING NEWS very soon, but in the meantime, I happened across a very sweet review of the AMERICAN TUNE album that I don't recall seeing before, from the Entertainment Weekly web site. Kristina Feliciano writes, "With a honeyed voice and not a drop of guile, Cassidy crafted singular interpretations of even wearily familiar songs. We may have lost this unapologetically uncommercial artist to cancer in 1996 (she was only 33), but her gifts carry on in posthumously released CDs like the winning American Tune. Cassidy's Raitt on time in bluesy bauble ''Drowning in the Sea of Love.'' She simmers in a sultry rendition of ''God Bless the Child.'' And her soulful ''True Colors'' beckons brightly despite its shopworn sentiments. Maybe that's why we love her."

United States flagDREAM MENTOR: "American Idol" finalist David Archuleta was asked, "If you could have any mentor, who would it be?" The seventeen-year-old singer replied, "I'd really like Eva Cassidy. {She's] someone I could really be educated by, 'cause she really understands music... What a perfect person to meet, if I could, but she's not here anymore." You have good taste, David -- her name is pronounced EEE-va, though. UPDATE: Larry King asked, "Who would you most like to duet with?" David Archuleta replied, "I'd go with Eva Cassidy." FURTHER UPDATE: Archuleta confused the ladies on "The View" by naming Eva as his own "American Idol." Apparently they hadn't ever heard of her and thought he was talking about DAVID Cassidy!?!?! In case you were wondering, he's no relation. (Updated June 27, 2008)

THE PUBLIC MAY NOT KNOW ABOUT EVA BUT the singers and critics do, not to mention the contestants in the singing competitions that are currently so popular around the world. Hardly a day goes by without some brief mention of Eva Cassidy in Google News. Here's a sampling of recent items:

Wine glass imageLISTEN TO EVA WITH MERLOT: Researchers recently released the results of a study analyzing the effect of music on the enjoyment of wine. According to the wine website "The Decanter," "The study, carried out by Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh for Chilean wine company Montes, suggests that choosing the right background soundtrack could be crucial to getting the most out of specific styles of wine.... The research is based on the theory of cognitive priming, which holds that certain styles of music stimulate, or prime, certain parts of the brain. When wine is tasted, these areas are already active and have a corresponding effect on our perceptions of taste." What's the connection with Eva Cassidy? Apparently the Heriot-Watt researchers recommend accompanying Merlot wine with the following songs: "Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay by Otis Redding, Easy by Lionel Ritchie, Over The Rainbow by Eva Cassidy, and Heartbeats by Jose Gonzalez."

US flagAMERICAN IDOL JUDGE FINALLY SAYS EVA'S NAME: "I like the kind of Eva Cassidy-type arrangement," said Simon Cowell, referring to a performance of "Yesterday" by Syesha Mercado (March 2008). Previously on the blockbuster TV talent show, 17-year-old David Archuleta had performed "Imagine" in an arrangement which critic Ann Powers of the Los Angeles Times wrote was "basically copped" from Eva's recording. She also added, "Few people remember her now -- except singers, who treasure the subtlety of her arrangements and her pristine voice." (February 28, 2008). I myself did not agree that Archuleta made major use of Eva's arrangement, certainly not in the same way Tamyra Gray did years ago, but the controversy has probably caused a number of American Idol fans to seek out Eva's music.

BILLY RAY CYRUS AND EVA: Billy Ray Cyrus, famed for his hit "Achy Breaky Heart" and as the father of Miley "Hannah Montana" Cyrus, includes Eva's arrangement of "Over the Rainbow" on his new album, HOME AT LAST. Here are a couple of quotes from Cyrus, which have been reprinted several places so I am not certain of the original sources: "This was one of the first songs the folks at Disney strongly suggested I record," Cyrus said. "The producer of 'Hannah Montana,' Michael Poryes, heard me mulling it over and asked if I'd ever heard Eva Cassidy sing it. He burned me a copy, and I fell in love with her right there. I was intrigued by her story -- a woman who stood staunchly behind the integrity of her craft to the very end. My version is a tribute to a great singer who left this world too soon." Also, I just recorded "Over the Rainbow," and my inspiration was Eva Cassidy's version. She was a tremendous artist, maybe one of the greatest, only she wasn't discovered hugely until after she passed away. I'm a big fan of her version, so I recorded it for a new album that comes out in September on Walt Disney Records.

US flagPOSSIBLE EVA MOVIE: The trade magazine Variety reports that AIR Productions is working on a biographical film about Eva. 'AIR's Amy Redford, Irwin Shapiro and Rick Singer will produce. "We see this film as an uplifting story of indomitable human spirit and an insightful look into the life and personality of an amazing talent," said Redford, who just produced and directed "The Guitar."' Eva's family is supporting this project. As far as I know, there is no screenplay as of yet, due in part to the writers' strike. If this movie is made (and statistically, fewer than one film in twenty that is "in development" is actually filmed and released), I hope it will be wonderful and truthful and inspiring, and that only Eva's own voice is used. (Added December 19, 2007)

Mary Ann Redmond with Eva CassidyDUET POSSIBLE: One of Eva's friends in the local music scene was Mary Ann Redmond. I know for a fact that Eva admired Mary Ann wholeheartedly, because I once asked Eva who was the best, "absolutely don't-miss-this-one," local performer. She demurred, saying there were so many who were really wonderful, but said that if she had to pick only one, it would be Mary Ann Redmond. It turns out Mary Ann felt somewhat the same way about Eva Cassidy! The two women performed together at Fleetwood's in Alexandria in 1995. Mary Ann has added to her web site a video clip of a duet between herself and Eva from that performance. They are singing Eric Clapton's song "Tears in Heaven." The music is heavenly, but what I find most touching are the two singers' expressions of mutual admiration at the beginning of the clip. You'll want to listen more than once. (Note: For information about another "duet" with Mary Ann Redmond, visit the Questions and Answers Page.)

WEBMASTER'S EDITORIAL: May I please say a few words about copyright? This is not the place for an in-depth discussion of the nuances of copyright regulation. That information is available elsewhere, and I particularly urge you to peruse the copyright pointers on YouTube. I nevertheless feel the need to remind people that Eva's recordings are copyrighted; that the songs she performed are copyrighted to the authors; that her arrangements of public domain songs are copyrighted; that videos of Eva are copyrighted; that photos of Eva are copyrighted. While we're at it, please remember that the articles and images on this web site are copyrighted also. Either I personally wrote them or I obtained specific permission to reproduce them on the site.

Sorry to be such a meanie, but please stop suggesting that I use this website to promote illegal uploadings.

U S100% OFF TOPIC: I am currently engaged in a project to set the Bill of Rights to music, so that American citizens can easily memorize this important text. If this interests you at all (fellow members of the ACLU, perhaps), feel free to check out the songs on this page.



"Imagine all the people living life in peace."

Peace in many languages:
Hawaiian: "maluhia" (from Jan)
Danish: "fred" (from Henrik)
Finnish: "rauhaa teille" (from Annuka)
Spanish: "paz" (from Margot) or "felizidad" (from Kimberly)
Latin: "pax" (also from Kimberly)
Irish: "siochain" (from Yvonne and Gerard)
French: "paix" (from MP and Yvonne)
Croatian: "mir" (from Sasa)
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Italian: "pace"
Hebrew: "shalom"
Arabic: "salaam" (from Todd)
German: "Frieden" (from John)
Hindi: "shanti" (from Debbie)
Welsh: "hedd" (from Paul)
Polish: "pokoj" (from Magda)
Urdu: "amun" (from Asad)
Swahili: "amani"
Esperanto: "paco"
Yiddish: "scholim" (from Don)
Indonesian: "damai" (from Marlene)
Mandarin: "ping-ahn"
Cantonese: "tai-ping" (from Cathy)
Russian: "mir" (from Joop)
Cree: "payutukayimowin" (from Don)
Hungarian: "beke"
Nepali: "shanti" (from Bernie)
Czech: "mír" (from Kamila)
Tongan: "nonga" (from Jan)
Korean: "pyong-hwa" (from Tim)
Somali: "nabad" (from Don)
Maltese: "paci"
Old English: "freod"
Cornish: "kres"
Breton: "pok"
Manx: "paag"
Occitan: "la patz"
Basque: "bake"
Cheyenne: "nanomonestoste"
Alabama: "oolakano"
Hausa: "salama"
Frisian: "frede"
Dari: "sulh" (from Kent)
Bengali: "sh 'anti"
Belarussian: "pakoj"
Hiligaynon: "paghidait"
Azerbijani: "sulh" (note: the 'u' should have an umlaut over it)
Welsh (more words): "Heddwch" and "Tangnefedd"(from Paul) Georgian: "mshvidoba" (from Don and Basiki)
Estonian: "rahu"
Latvian: "miera"
Aukan: "fii"
Cebuano: "kahusayan"
Chamorro: "minaguen"
An'dorian: "bip"
Kampangan = "kapayapan"
Kiribatese = "te katoang"
Wolof = "jamm"
Bangla = "shAnti"
Hatian Creole = "lape"
Xhosa = "uxolo"
Undu = "aman"
Malagasy = "fiadanana"
Nauruan = "iow"
Turkman = "parahatchylyk"
Northern Sotho = "kagiso"
Potawatomi = "e'tokmite'k"
Persian = "solh"
Filipino = "kapayapaan" (from Erwin)
Romanian = "pace" (from Walter)
Greek = "irini" (from Peter)
Portuguese = "Amor" (from Santa Rita)
Greenlandic = "Eqqissineq" (from Allen)
Lithuanian = "Taika" (from Ramunas)
Armenian = "Hashtootune" or "Khaghaghootune"( from Serjik)
Mandarin = "he2 ping2" (2 means second tone) (from Jonathan)
Thai = "santi" (from Pornchada)
Algonquian = "Aquene" (from Katherine)
Papiamentu = "Pas" (from Terri)
Slovenian = "Mir" (from Monika)
Norwegian = "Fred" (from Hartmut)
Turkish = "Barýþ" (from Hasan)
Kiribati = "Raoi" (from Don)
Nauruan = "iow" (from Don)
Samoan = "filemu" (from Mary)
Niederdeutch = frod (from Don)
Uighur = tiniglikh (from Don)
Maliseet & Passamaquoddy = sankewitahasuwakon (from Don)
Friulian or Frulan pas (from Don)
Sudovian = sampaka (from Don)
Africkaans = vrede (from Don)
Guarani = py'a guapy (from Don)
Ilongo = paghidait (from Don)
Kashmiri = aram (from Don)
Maori ( NZ ) = "Rangimarie" (from Stephanie)
Slovak – „mier“ (from Brano)
Turkish = Barýþ (from Hasan)
Ukrainian = spoìkiy (from Daria
Visayan (a local dialect spoken in southern Philippines) - Kalinaw (from Ian)
Pray for Peace in Tagalog = Manalaning para sa Kapayapaan (from Ian)
Pray for Peace in visayan - Ampo Alang sa Kalinaw (from Ian)
Hungarian = "Béke" (from Lisa)

Thanks to everybody who is helping with this list! I'd like to see that beautiful word in other languages too -- you can e-mail me if you have any more to offer. (Yes, I could look them up, but it's more fun this way.) Be sure to put the word "Eva" on the subject line of the e-mail.