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Poster for the album EVA BY HEART - Used by permission - Poster designed for Liaison Records by Eileen White - Photograph by Matthew Dols - Please do not copy this image

Welcome to the Eva Cassidy Web Site, a resource for those seeking information about the late singer Eva Cassidy.  Beautiful Eva died in 1996, from melanoma, the most deadly form of skin cancer. Her music was little-known during her 33 years of life, but today her soul-stirring voice is reaching people all over the world.

For some fans, the pleasure of listening is enough. Others want to know more: "Who was this remarkable singer? Why haven't we heard of her before?  Are there more albums?" This web page can be your gateway.

Note: This site is not part of any commercial operation such as a record company or CD store; it is strictly a personal endeavor. Nor is it the "official web site" about Eva Cassidy; Eva herself is not here to award that distinction to any web site.

Please do not copy ANY of the images found on these web pages.

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"I have the easiest job in the world.  All I have to do is sing and play the guitar."
Eva Cassidy, when asked if her hip injury would
force her to cancel some singing engagements
Summer, 1996

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