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Sadly, it is no longer possible for me to reply to all the e-mail I receive. Before you send me any messages, please note the following:

  • Often I get messages that should actually be directed elsewhere.
  • General comments about Eva’s music should be posted in the Eva Cassidy Guestbook for the enjoyment of all of Eva’s fans, family, and friends. Some talented people have even shared their poetry in the Guestbook!
  • Queries about licensing Eva’s recordings for soundtracks, etc., should be directed to Blix Street Records. If you are from a country other than the United States, you should mention that in your message, in case it makes a difference.
  • Most specific questions about Eva Cassidy are answered somewhere on the web site. I have answered many of the most frequently asked questions on the “Questions and Answers Page.” There’s also a rudimentary Search function at the bottom of each page.
  • I *do* want to hear about items that would be of interest to Eva’s fans, which I might want to add to the web site. For example, if you see an article about Eva, or that mentions her in an interesting context, I definitely would like to know about it. Don’t assume that I already do! I’d rather hear from five people than from none. If you don’t see it on the “What’s New” Page, please use the e-mail link below.
  • Also, please let me know if you are having any problems with the web site (broken links, etc.)

Thanks for reading all that — now, if you really do need to e-mail me, here’s how to do it, and be sure Eva’s name is on the subject line:Non-clickable link for L B L I G H at Eva Cassidy dot