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Poster for the album EVA BY HEART. The photo is by Matthew Dols.

Welcome to the Eva Cassidy Web Site, a resource for those seeking information about the late singer Eva Cassidy.

Eva died in 1996 from melanoma, the most deadly form of skin cancer. Her music was little-known during her 33 years of life, but today her soul-stirring voice is reaching people all over the world.

For some fans, the pleasure of listening is enough. Others want to know more: “Who was this remarkable singer? Why haven’t we heard of her before? Are there more albums?” This web page can be your gateway to the music of Eva Cassidy.

  • Guestbook – The most popular section by far. View and contribute to the EVA CASSIDY GUESTBOOK! It is fascinating to read what people have to say about Eva from all over the world. Occasionally Eva’s family, friends, and musical colleagues share their memories too.

  • Articles about Eva Cassidy and reviews of her recordings, from newspapers and magazines. Start here if you are new to Eva’s music and story. My choices for the best of the best are at the top

  • Eva’s Recordings – Basic information about Eva Cassidy’s CDs and other recordings, including song listings for each album

  • Exclusive Interviews with some of Eva Cassidy’s musical colleagues, and many articles about Eva’s music that were written especially for this website (mostly by the webmaster), as well as a link to download a screenplay about Eva Cassidy

  • Information about Songbird and Behind the Rainbow, two biographical books about Eva Cassidy – (not yet updated)

  • Pictures – Snapshots, publicity photos, and some photos of Eva Cassidy’s own artwork. Separated into five pages so it won’t take forever to load

  • Questions and Answers about Eva Cassidy, and an Eva fact sheet

  • “What’s New” Page

  • Contact the Webmaster via e-mail – also there is now an “About This Web Site” page that will tell you vastly more than you want to know

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